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Be Your Best Self

Nick Paglia
Digital Product Manager
USA Cycling

Over the years, I had many opportunities to evaluate my personality traits. The most common tools are Meyers-Briggs or DiSC assessments, which are solely focused on the workplace. While informative, the results lacked context, felt static, and limited to ways of working. It was not enough information to really understand me; it was like the tests said, “here’s who you are so figure out how to work with it--good luck!” These assessments always left me wanting more and wondering how to use the data to invoke change in my life. When I worked with Me Inc. Help and completed the emotional intelligence assessment, from the beginning, I quickly realized it was completely different to previous assessments. It was more comprehensive; the questions were more personal than other assessments. The questions required an intentional focus and commitment to answer honestly. After the assessment, instead of handing me an acronym, I received a 20-page document and invitation to discuss the results. It was magic--over the course of the call, we identified my core strengths and weaknesses through five key areas. We explored my personality traits and most importantly, my emotional reactions and triggers that prevented me from moving forward in my life. Not only did we uncover how I functioned internally, but we also identified how I showed up for others. I took two-pages of notes during that conversation and they became a resource for my personal development. As a result of my emotional intelligence assessment, I found the confidence to finally start my own side-business and make two major career leaps. The conversation provided me the roadmap to continue working on personal development and through interactions with others. Nigel’s empathy and expertise identified and unlocked potential that I never knew existed. I looked for these results in previous assessments and I imagine you are looking for them too. Don’t hesitate. Book an assessment with Me Inc. Help today and learn the potential that exists within you. If not for you, do it for those around you--you won’t be disappointed.

Aliann Pompey
Director, Track and Field/Cross-Country
Saint John University

In July 2021, I was promoted to my current position and I hired several new staff members with varying backgrounds, levels of experience, and reasons for being pursuing athletics as their career. In my new role, I was responsible for working across multiple university departments including Compliance, Sports Medicine, Strength & Conditioning, Academic Success, and others. To be successful, I needed to be an effective leader. Using the emotional intelligence tools, Me Inc. Help conducted an assessment and then we had a session to identify my goals and how to achieve them in my new role. The process was so informative that my entire team also did the assessment to determine their individual goals and how to achieve them. It was so effective that it helped us identify how to best work together to become a stronger team. The Me Inc. Help process was crucial to our success this year. As a group, we defined our strengths and weaknesses, ultimately figuring out the roles we play in different scenarios. For example, informed by the emotional intelligence tool, we knew who communicated best under stress. When working with 40 collegiate athletes, effective communication in high pressure situations was critical. Using our new understanding of emotional intelligence, we identified how each staff member contributed to the team and it helped us avoid communication gaps, ultimately bringing the best out of each other. With this greater self-awareness, we were empowered and accountable to ourselves and each other, allowing us to achieve our collective goals.

Kathy Eastwood
E3 Leadership Coach
Founder, E Equals Why

I am a self-aware person who continuously strives to find balance and elevation of my mind, body, and spirit. Nigel is an amazing coach who provided me with the right validation, insight, encouragement, and accountability—including the necessary ‘kick in the behind when needed. His empathy and experience enable philosophical yet action-oriented discussions.

Diana Bratu
Associate Professor
Hunter College

Me Inc. Help offered a comprehensive and well-structured assessment on emotional intelligence. The breakdown on individual components as well as recommendations for balancing ones emotional intelligence was insightful to my strengths and weaknesses. Using the results, it was extremely valuable to have tools to implement a plan that feels attainable. The information in the assessment report and exchanges with the coach were intergral in helping to furthre build my commitment to personal growth.

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