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Be Your Best Self 


To contribute to a world where individuals and organizations are empowered to cultivate emotional intelligence, leading to healthier relationships, greater resilience, and more compassionate societies.


To empower individuals and organizations to develop and apply emotional intelligence skills in their personal and professional lives. Through our research-backed tools and resources, we strive to help people understand and regulate their emotions, improve their social skills, and enhance their overall well-being.


To help people improve their overall well-being and create more compassionate, resilient, and productive organizations.



We believe in the power of personal and professional development to enhance well-being and success.


We believe in the importance of treating ourselves and others with kindness, understanding, and respect.



We strive to understand and connect with the experiences and emotions of others.


We operate with transparency, honesty, and ethical behavior in all our interactions.


We are committed to developing and providing cutting-edge solutions and resources that enhance emotional intelligence.


We aim to deliver results that have a positive impact on individuals and organizations.


Be Your Best Self

Me Inc. Help Founder

For over two decades, Nigel has dedicated himself to the pursuit of personal growth and improvement. This passion led him to establish Me Inc. Help, a company that empowers individuals and teams to become their best selves by investing in their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


As a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQi) 2.0 practitioner and accomplished professional in finance and accounting, Nigel has a unique blend of expertise to help his clients achieve their goals. He uses data-driven approaches, including the EQi 2.0 assessment, to drive self-awareness and identify areas for growth. Drawing from his own personal journey, Nigel distills his insights into incremental actions that, over time, lead to significant progress.


With an MBA from the Cornell SC Johnson School of Business and a track record of success as a member of the Hunter College Athletic Hall of Fame, two-time National Champion, and five-time All-American track and field athlete, Nigel brings a wealth of experience to his work. Beyond his professional achievements, he is also an avid triathlon enthusiast and golf player, bringing a passion for health and wellness to his coaching and consulting practice.

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